Three Key Benefits of Using Affirmations

Tips on Using Affirmations

  • Your words matter: Choose affirmations that resonate with you and address your specific needs. They should feel empowering, not generic.
  • Present tense: Use the present tense ("I am," "I can," "I have") to make your affirmations feel immediate and real.
  • Positive focus: Try your best to focus on and state what you want, not what you don't want.  Instead of saying "I don't feel anxious", try "I am calm and relaxed."
  • Consistency is key: Integrate affirmations into your daily routines, such as saying them in the morning or before bed. The more repetition, the better.
  • Visualization: Combine affirmations with visualization. Imagine yourself embodying the qualities you are affirming. 
  • Feeling is believing: Don't just recite – try to connect with the emotion of the affirmation. Believe the words you're saying.

3-Step Process

Step 1: Choose 3 Affirmations

  • Don't overwhelm: With 200 affirmations, it's easy to get stuck choosing. Briefly browse the list and pick 3 that resonate with you most in the moment.
  • Target a specific area: Maybe you want to feel more confident, manage stress, or achieve a particular goal. Choose affirmations that target that area.
  • Feeling matters: Pick affirmations that you connect with emotionally. They should feel empowering and believable when you read them.

Step 2: Start Small

  • Short & sweet: Begin with just these 3 affirmations for a week or two. This keeps it manageable and allows you to focus on feeling their impact.
  • Daily dose: Choose a consistent time each day to repeat your affirmations. Morning, before bed, or during a commute all work well.
  • Multiple methods: Experiment with integrating affirmations into your routine. Try saying them aloud, writing them down, watching yourself say them in a mirror, or even setting them as phone reminders.

Step 3: Believe & Feel the Shift

  • Speak with conviction: When you repeat your affirmations, say them with confidence and belief.
  • Feel the positive: Don't just recite words. Try to connect with the emotions behind the affirmations. Imagine yourself embodying the qualities you're affirming.
  • Notice changes: As you use affirmations, pay attention to any positive shifts in your mindset or behavior. This reinforces the power of your affirmations.